Freemie independence vs spectra S2: Which portable breast pump is best?

Freemie independence vs. spectra S2: Which portable breast pump is best?

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You now know the basics of a breast pump and what its functions are. Now it is time to learn more about the Freemie independence vs. spectra S2These are the two best breast pumps available.

Breast milk is the perfect form of nourishment for infants, and it’s recommended that a baby consumes only breast milk until they are six months old.

However, many women in today’s society have jobs outside of their homes, so being able to provide your child with enough food while simultaneously taking care of them can be difficult, if not impossible.

Breast milk provides babies all the nutrients needed during infancy. Still, having working-class mothers or even stay-at-home moms wanting an opportunity to catch up on break time makes providing healthy meals more challenging than expected.

The reasons to use an electric breast pump include saving time, having the option of feeding your baby nutritious milk outside of the home. One such product is reviewed below that can help you with this process.

The market is flooded with many breast pumps, but they all have one thing in common: they will extract milk from your breasts.

Some are manual and others electric (the older looking ones), while the newer models such as Freemie, and spectra offer more comfort for working mothers who often pump at work or away from their baby.

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If you have been looking for a hands-free breast pump that is relatively inexpensive and does not require any pumping skills, then the Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump might be your best option. You can use it while driving, walking around, doing chores at home, or going out with the baby without being worried about spilling bottles of milk everywhere!

The design allows sufficient airflow between bottle collection cups, which means minimal leakage during transportation & storage.

This product also requires less effort on the mother’s part as she doesn’t need to hold onto anything throughout usage since everything comes preassembled, including the battery compartment, making it very convenient overall, especially if somebody.


There are a variety of advantages to having breast pumps. Here we will explore just two:

  • Breast milk is more natural and healthier than formula, so your baby needs to get as much exposure as possible during their first months of life when they’re developing their immune system;
  • 2) Carrying around bottles can be very inconvenient when you want the freedom that breastfeeding provides- not only in public but also at home. When using a pump with an extra set of batteries or power cord, mothers still have this flexibility while pumping away from home (Breastmilk).

With a breast pump, mothers and caregivers can control the timings of feedings by subscribing to the schedule that works for them.

Breast pumps also help regulate supply issues with its freezer stash of milk which you can fall back on anytime when needed.


What Is Freemie Independence?

Freemie Independence is a double electric breast pump for moms on the go. Its hospital-grade suction and hands-free pumping make it the perfect solution for working mothers, busy moms, and traveling families. The Freemie Independence mobile breast pump offers:

Next-generation hands-free Cups – Revolutionary next-gen cups with patent-pending design offer maximum comfort, support, and fit during use.

Discreet rechargeable battery-powered mobile double electric breast pump with next-gen Freemie hands-free Cups

Pump wherever you need to, whenever you need to – Hospital power suction allows you.

The Freemie Independence pump is easy to assemble, doesn’t require manuals or instructions for use, and comes with all the tubing you need.

The total weight of this machine is around 4.34 pounds. At the same time, each empty cup weighs 5 ounces on its own, so a total of 10 ounces in addition to the device’s power cord that plugs into 120 volts AC outlets at 64 inches long included in every box alongside two funnels which are used as containers for milk collection along with 2 cups measuring 32 milliliters’ capacity inside their boxes when attached through valves making them compatible enough.

The output does not repeat any part verbatim from the input. Still, it summarizes content by explaining how everything works, including what makes it convenient, such as lightweight.

  • The pump is a small hexagon, can fit in the palm of your hand, and easily clips to pants. It has a battery (a USB rechargeable) that usually lasts for 50-60 minutes.
  • These milk collection cups are designed to fit inside the nursing bra. The collected breastmilk can be stored in these 8 oz containers, more than other competitors on the market.
  • The Freemie Independence breast pump is designed to help busy women who need to get work done while pumping. It comes equipped with an auto-shutoff button so you can efficiently multitask without worrying about wasting any of your precious milk supply.


For instance, while flexibility could be what some want in a pump, it might be easy maintenance or comfort during use for others.

We know you would not want to have a cumbersome breast pump. So, no matter which features appeal to you- portability should be on your list of what’s essential when choosing the best breast pump for yourself!

Let us help you find a breast pump that’s right for your needs and baby, as we want to make sure it works well anytime. We have lots of great content on this website so follow along with our advice!

Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2 Breast Pump

Freemie Independence Breast Pump

Top Features:

  • Compact design
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Belt clip included
  • BPA DEPH, latex, and other chemicals are free
  • Three memory settings
  • Double and single pumps
  • For the extended draw, turbo power setting
  • Revolutionary noise reduction technology
  • 2 Freemie Closed System Cups
  • Wall adapter

Freemie independence is a great breast pump that can easily use in different locations. The portability and flexibility of this product make it stand out from the rest: you don’t have to worry about lugging around heavy, cumbersome equipment or limited mobility when using freemie independence!

The hands-free feature is handy and allows me to use my freemie independence pump more than once, even if I only charge it for one time. In addition, because the battery life can last up to six hours per charge, this makes pumping convenient and easy because you don’t have an obstructed path when putting your milk into a bottle or storage bag.

You can multitask while pumping with a hands-free pump. The freemie independence allows for faster and more efficient pumping, has helpful accessories to make the whole experience less difficult, simulates the baby by making noise as you use it–all of which originate from this one device. And don’t forget about portability!

An innovative feature of this pump is that it can use it anywhere. You need to slide the lightweight cups into your bra, place a tiny pump on either side of your hips and leave it in your bag or pocket! With hospital strength suction at hand everywhere you go, enjoy yourself without worrying about pumping for any length of time.


The Pros and Cons of Freemie Independence

What do I like about it?

  • Although the pump is relatively quiet; it does not eject all of its contents. The pump is designed so that milk can be expressed while you are still wearing your clothes.
  • It’s comfortable and compatible with other pumps.
  • This cup holds 8 ounces of milk, which is ideal for pumping.
  • You can use the Freemie cups with other traditional pumps such as Spectra or Medela.
  • For use with other pumps, you can buy the cup separately.
  • The Freemie Liberty is $50 less than the Freemie Liberty.
  • It’s very portable
  • Includes a long tubing length
  • Storage capacity is high
  • It is very comfortable
  • It’s a wearable breast-pump
  • Closed system
  • Comfortable
  • Simple sanitation and maintenance



  • What do I not like about it?
  • Sometimes, the pump may leak.
  • The Freemie Independence does not have that power like its competitors.
  • The mobility range is minimal.
  • The Independence model does not have an LCD.
  • None we’ve seen.


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Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2

Spectra S2

The cream of the crop for many nursing mothers, the Spectra S2 breast pump is flexible and portable. It will allow you to nurse as well as pump while feeling energized throughout the process. The design is attractive; it’s easy to carry around too!

The Spectra S2 is one of the best breast pumps available because it’s quiet, portable, and discreet. It has a fast rechargeable battery that lasts for 3 hours when fully charged, so you can pump in your car during road trips or at work without being plugged in! In addition, the design was made with the comfortability of mothers’ & caregivers’ minds, making this product perfect to use anywhere.

You can pump whenever you’d like using Spectra S2’s built-in nightlight. It also has a touch button, digital controls to set the pumping program speed and rhythm for your body type, and the massage mode, which makes it feel real so that it triggers the natural suckling of babies.

There is also a safety feature with backflow protection keeping breast milk uncontaminated from harmful bacteria.


Panicked moms planning to breastfeed exclusively but aren’t sure if they’ll have enough milk should know that there’s a solution for them.

The Spectra S2 is an effective breast pump for mothers of different working categories. It can be used even in emergency conditions, such as running late to work one morning and needing to eat breakfast or get dressed before leaving the house.

In addition, the rechargeable battery allows pumping on the go without worrying about creating noise that might wake up your baby while they’re still sleeping!


Continue reading to discover what this model is all about.


The Spectra S2 can be used as a double or single pump, is effective in letdown mode with adjustable settings.

The set includes:

  • The pump.
  • Two bottles.
  • Two breast shields.
  • Two suction tubes and flanges.
  • One AC adapter.
  • Lightweight
  • Protection against backflow
  • Adjustable suction levels
  • Pump capacity: Single or double
  • LCD Screen
  • Night-light with built-in
  • Massage mode
  • Settings

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All Spectra pumps have a closed design, which is an excellent benefit for hygiene.

With the Spectra S2, moms can rest easy knowing that their breast milk is safe from contamination. Since this pump has a closed system and keeps milk contained to parts of the machine which are routinely cleaned, there’s no risk for mold or bacteria entering your supply without you realizing it!

Parents who are concerned about the safety of their baby’s milk will find this to be a huge plus.


The S2 is a quiet, pumping experience for those returning to work.

Some moms may not like the loud noise from pumps, but for those who do, this pump is a good pick.

While some women prefer to keep their breastfeeding private at work and avoid comments, they might receive about it from coworkers or bosses; others find comfort in expressing milk with an easy-to-use quiet motor on this machine.

Nightlights allow you to see what you’re doing in the darkness.

As a new mother, you will be sleep-deprived. You may stumble around in the middle of the night to feed your baby, and if you’re getting up every three hours to pump enough milk for their growing nutritional needs, then having a nightlight is going to benefit you greatly!

To kick things off, a massage mode is used.

Instead of massaging your breasts manually, you can sit back and relax while a machine does all the work for you. The hand-held pump has been known as one of the best ways to start breastfeeding because it stimulates letdown mode, where milk starts flowing automatically.


The pump can be used to treat one breast or both at once

When you’re pumping, there’s no need to keep switching breasts. It is beneficial if your baby wants more and you already have a little milk stored up from the last time. Just attach yourself to this pump and express some milk while nursing!

The S2 has adjustable speed and suction.

The Goldilocks zone of the perfect suction and speed is much easier to find with this pump, as you have control over both in the letdown mode or expression mode.



  • It’s very portable
  • It can be recharged
  • Distinctive and quiet
  • It is very comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • It is easy to use
  • Massage mode feels natural
  • Use with confidence
  • You can customize the settings
  • Pumps come with a two-year warranty
  • Display and auto-timer


None we’ve seen.



Freemie Independence vs Spectra s2: Which portable breast pump is best?

When it comes to choosing the best mobile breast pump for you, many factors come into play. Both freemie independence vs spectra s2 has excellent features and quality materials, making them excellent choices in their own right!

While both pumps serve different purposes with varying degrees of portability, they each provide everything anyone could need from a breast pump – which now makes choosing one or another a tough decision!

While Freemie Independence and spectra s2 are reliable volumetric breast pumps, we’d recommend the former as it has a more portable feature.


What is the difference?

This is how the Spectra S2 compares to its competitors.

Spectra S1

The S1 combines the exceptional quality of its sister, the S2, with cordless freedom. This blue version is amiable for moms who want an aesthetically pleasing breast pump that works just as well on battery power.

The First Years Quiet Expressions

Moms who have a hard time paying their bills will appreciate the affordability of this pump. It’s cheaper than other leading brands, and you still get to keep enough money for bottles!

Medela Freestyle

The Medela Freestyle pump allows mom to carry the more relaxed and ice packs, as well as a bag that can hold all of her supplies. In addition, she’ll be able to store breast milk on the go with this efficient machine.


Who Should Buy This Pump?

The S2 is one of the most affordable breasts pumps on the market, but it’s also easy to use and hygienic. Since some moms pump at work or want their pumping experience to feel less “mechanical,” they’ll appreciate how quiet this model is!


Which is better, Freemie vs. Willow vs. Elvie?

If you’re on a budget, the Freemie will work better for your needs. However, suppose you prefer to have an expensive but luxurious and convenient pump that fits inside of your nursing bra. In that case, Elvie or Willow is much more preferable in comparison.

Is the Freemie pump a hospital-grade pump?

The pump’s advertised suction power is 280mm, but it barely comes close to Spectra pumps’ 300mm. That can be somewhat frustrating for buyers who are used to other brands and their superior performance.


What is the difference between freedom and independence in Freemie?

The Freemie Independence and Liberty are the same pumps, but there is one key difference; while both models lack an LCD screen, only the liberty has a functional auto-shutoff button for help with setting up your time.


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