Frida Mom All You Need to Know About It

Frida mom, as with other parents, my enthusiasm for Frida products started with a snot sucker. It is known as the NoseFrida. I was skeptical initially, but it’s now one of my top essentials for babies.

It is also essential for their families. Suppose you’ve ever used it. Then you understand why parents love it. However, you may not realize that Frida specializes in other products to help new parents.

For instance, their newest brand is Frida Mom. It focuses on helping new parents through the birth process. It also focuses on labor and the recovery process following childbirth.

Now that I’m expecting my fourth child. I’m thrilled to learn that one of my favorite firms is taking action to ensure mothers are at ease. It provides relief during the most challenging days of parenting.

The reality is that postpartum recovery isn’t a joke. Complete recovery from childbirth generally can take between 6-8 weeks. I have experienced firsthand how crucial self-care is during this period.

I have put myself through too much. I’ve skipped my daily medication. I’ve pushed myself through the day without sufficient sleep.

Moreover, I rushed out of time to take an ice bath. It is because I put my demands before my own. I’ve suffered the consequences of being stretched thin.

It includes fighting depression and setbacks in my physical recovery after birth. It also contains physical recovery after pregnancy.

Frida mom all you need to know about it

This time I’m taking my need for relaxation and self-care very seriously. I’m a massive fan of any product that makes it easier for parents to care for their bodies.

The Frida Mom products are created for the same reason.

What’s Included in the Frida Mom Hospital Kit?

You can choose from several Frida Mother kits in different ways. I picked the largest (and the most expensive) option, The Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit. It contained:

  • A gown for labor and delivery.
  • It contains delivery socks.
  • An upside-down bottle of peri.
  • Four pairs of disposable underwear.
  • Four instant ice maxi particles.
  • Perineal Witch Hazel Cooling Pad liner.
  • Perineal healing foam.

Additionally, the kit comes with toiletry bags to make it easy to bring to the hospital.

A gown for labor and delivery.

Frida Mom Delivery Gown from Frida’s mom, two of the things I packed into my medical bag. It includes my dress and socks.

I changed into my gown as I was first admitted to the hospital. And I was awed by it. It’s a lot more lavish than the typical dress for hospital patients.

Frida mom all you need to know about it

It is usually thin and tied at your back. It has full back coverage. So, you’re protected. It would be best if you wished to move around.

Frida’s mom comes with snaps in all the proper locations for epidurals and fetal monitoring. It is helpful for fetal monitoring skin-to-skin and nursing. My baby was born in this gown.

Furthermore, I enjoyed it most. It was very comfortable. It’s one-size. And it is with a height of 5’2”. I’m smaller than average.

And I was worried about it. It is because it could be a bit big. However, it was very comfortable.


Frida mom all you need to know about it

I also enjoyed the socks. They were much more comfortable than the ones from the hospital supplied to me. In addition, I enjoyed wearing them. They were comfortable.

I didn’t get too hot. It is because they were comfortable and soft. My water did break throughout the socks in the first couple of hours of wearing them. It meant that my pleasure was short-lived. However, I rate them a notch higher!

Frida Mom Recovery Products

The other products included in the Frida Mom Recovery kit are designed to help you heal after birth. I have used all of the products and liked the majority of them.

4 instant ice maxi padsicles.

Frida mom all you need to know about it

The kit includes four massive Ice packs. They’re a combination pad.

And ice packs are much smaller than the ones in hospitals they usually provide. Moreover, they are ideal to use in the first few days postpartum.

Perineal Witch Hazel Cooling Pad liner.

Perineal foam is one of my top products in Frida Mom. It’s easy to utilize. And you’ll feel like you’re getting great coverage when using this on the pad.

I also enjoyed the perineal pad liner. The hospital may give you Tucks Pads that are like witch hazel pads. However, they’re small, and you must arrange them with pads to relieve them.

They can be challenging to hold in place. They can be painful to use.

The longer liners of Frida Mom are designed to provide better coverage when worn with pads. My only issue is that I would prefer they included a cooler witch hazel.

At the same time, I do like the dimensions of Frida Mom pads. I found that Tucks Pads offer tremendous cooling relief.

I also liked the upside-down Peri bottle. The standard bottle usually found in the hospital is fine. But this one has been constructed to make it simpler and works better.

If you don’t purchase an entire kit, I recommend purchasing the upside-down Peri bottles.

The One Recovery Product I Didn’t Love

One product that did not receive an A+ from me is disposable underwear. And it was the one that I was most thrilled about.

For me, the underwear appeared to be made out of paper. I was amazed by the glowing reviews on Amazon. I was considering how thin they felt.

You might need to change your pad every hour or so for the first couple of days after birth if you are using places that come with disposable underwear, and then try to get rid of the pad.

In addition, you should tear it up completely, and you will rip the underwear. You have to give the residents a two-hour life.

If you buy kits, I suggest keeping the disposable underwear in mind for later healing. When you don’t have to change your pad as often. I prefer the disposable underwear that hospitals offer.

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So, Do You Need This Kit?

I was thrilled to have this luxurious kit in my bag at the hospital. It was helpful throughout the first painful weeks and days after birth. I thought it was worth the extra cash to feel more at ease.

Frida mom all you need to know about it

Even when things get complicated when you’re just beginning, I was pleased by most products and loved that everything was packaged together.

And I didn’t have to purchase various items to complete my recovery needs.

With that said, Do you need the kit?

You don’t. Hospitals usually provide you with everything you need. If the cost of $99 isn’t your budget, do not feel you have to purchase it. If, however, the price isn’t an issue.

It is an excellent way to pamper yourself with more expensive products for recovery. It’s also worth adding this item to your list of baby gifts. I had to be happy to purchase this for a mom-to-be friend!

Overall, I would strongly recommend the Frida Mom kit. I’m happy I bought it. And it made recovering postpartum easy. That’s a big thing for a mother caring for a baby herself.


Frida Mom’s pregnancy kit is helpful for postpartum recovery. It is much better than an economical hospital kit provided to nurses.

Frida Mom’s postpartum pregnancy kit includes disposable underwear, pads, ice packs, a pregnancy gown, and socks.

It is easily affordable to everyone. Its underwear was not so good because pads slipped from it. Other components of the Frida Mom postpartum kit were too good. I will highly recommend you to buy and make your delivery easy.

FAQs – Frida Mom, all you need to know about it

Does the Frida mother postpartum recovery kit worth it?

Overall, I would strongly recommend the Frida Mom kit. I’m grateful for it, and it made your postpartum healing process easy and less stressful, which is a massive deal for a mom caring for her baby and herself.

Who was the one who created Frida’s mom?

Chelsea Hirschhorn’s founder of Frida Mom

Is Frida’s mom organic?

Postpartum Recovery Kit+ Frida Mom Labor and Delivery +Lounge Robe. The super-soft organic cotton robe to wear before, during, and after the birth will provide the best of both worlds, along with Frida Mother Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Recovery Kit. Perineal Healing Foam

Are Frida’s mom’s Ice pads worth the cost?

It eased the swelling in my legs and helped make my recovery easy. This is a must-have. The ice pads/packs feel like the ones you receive at the hospital.

I wasn’t sure if they were as absorbent as I would have liked to be used for my first few days after leaving the hospital, but they were pleasant to have a nice day 4plus at home.

How long will it take to heal from the birth of a child?

The recovery of vaginal deliveries, often known as postpartum recovery, takes some time. Women may not feel the pre-pregnancy women they were for a few months.

However, many women feel better after six to eight weeks. About two-thirds of the babies born within the U.S. are born through vaginal birth.