Haakaa Pump Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2023)

A hand pump such as the Haakaa pump can easily capture all that gold liquid. It is to ensure that it doesn’t go in the pad.

In the first month, I saved around 150 ounces of breastmilk. It is enough to make nearly 50 bottles.

There are many breast pumps available. This makes picking the one that is right for you difficult. At the same time, we would recommend mothers who are nursing electric purchase pumps.

Particularly in the case of frequent pumping, There’s also a manual pump. It should be included on every list of things to buy: The Haakaa.

Haakaa is a hands-free silicone breast pump. It can use suction and provide it slowly and quietly to draw out milk. It’s unique because it doesn’t require tubing or a power source.

It contains separated parts. Just press it against the breast area and allow it to do its magic. As a result, you can utilize the Haakaa at any time or place.

Another advantage of using the Haakaa is that it can be used as a milk saver. In actuality, this is the main reason I use my Haakaa. When you feed your breasts, then both breasts deflate simultaneously.

Then you cannot precisely tell which one is waiting for its turn. This means that you could experience lots of leakages.

It occurs when breastfeeding, particularly in the beginning, as your breasts regulate, instead of using an infant pad or attaching towels to the leaky spout.

Haakaa is incredibly affordable. Haakaa is also affordable when compared with the other pumps for breasts.

The base model retails for $20.99. And the most advanced model costs $30.99. Additionally, it’s simple to clean using an ordinary bottle brush.

Moreover, it’s small enough to fit in your bag whenever you’re on the move.

What is a haakaa pump?

The Haakaa breast pump is eco-friendly, medical grade, and simple. It is a single-piece breast pump that suctions onto your breast to capture the breast milk.

Haakaa Pump

It differs from traditional breast pumps, which are electric or manual since it doesn’t pump the nipple. But instead uses suction to pull milk out.

It combines a milk collector that actively collects milk and a traditional breast pump that utilizes suction to eliminate the milk.

I was very excited to be able to launch the New Zealand label. Haakaa launched on the market using their suction silicone breast pump.

As I researched Haakaa’s brand, I discovered that Haakaa uses only environmentally-friendly products. It has safe raw materials like glass, stainless steel, bamboo, and rubber.

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Does the Haakaa Pump Replace a Breast Pump?

It depends. It’s not a pump that pulls the milk out of your breast using the pumping motion. It’s likely necessary to trigger a letdown by your baby nursing on the opposite side to get milk using the haakaa.

If you’re full, you might be able to relieve some pressure or create an increase in the flow of milk with the suction by itself.

Most women can capture about 1-3 ounces at a time. If you want extra, make a few bottles of haakaa breast pumps made of silicone. It will replace an occasional or daily pump. It is to increase your supply over time,

However, if you are trying to capture enough to fill several bottles daily, you can only capture a tiny amount each time. The haakaa cannot substitute pumping using the use of a pump that is electric or manual.

Haakaa Breast Pump: A Mom’s Breast Friend

Suppose you’re a mother who has had to deal with the dread of feeding your child on one side only to see your milk run out on the opposite side. This Haakaa breast Pump is an affordable alternative to an electric or manual breast pump.

You can easily collect milk from the other breast than your nursing. Haakaa pump is a silicone pump with a location for your breast to rest.And all you have to do is to squeeze the area at the bottom. It will create a gentle suction that collects the milk that is expressed.

The Haakaa pump is so simple and beneficial that I think that every breastfeeding mother should have one.

The Haakaa pump is also simple to clean and disinfect. The company recommends cleaning the pump by placing it in boiling water for about two minutes.

It is dishwasher-safe, meaning you can place it into the dishwasher to clean it. It is dishwasher safe.

Haakaa pump is made of pure food-grade silicone. It makes it extremely comfortable and soft to use. The Haakaa is only available in one size.

It is suitable for the majority of women. The Haakaa pump’s benefit is that it does not need batteries.

And, it doesn’t include any wires or plugs your child or you might become stuck in.

The Haakaa uses gentle suction to produce milk and isn’t as abrasive as other pumps.

You can use the Haakaa with one hand while keeping your infant with the second. Many mothers use the Haakaa when breastfeeding to gather milk off the breast that babies are not using.

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Types of Haakaa Pump

As with most breast pumps, there’s more than one version of the haakaa. Let’s have a look.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Haakaa Pump Reviews

A Haakaa Manual Breast Pump (to purchase) is the one that started the whole thing.

It is affordable and costs less than $13 for the pump that weighs 4 ounces.

Since it’s made of an entire piece of 100% food-grade silicone, it’s very simple to store.

It is easy to carry around and keep clean. Like all haakaa pump models, this one is not contaminated with BPA PVC, lead, and phthalates.

Haakaa Original With Flower Stopper

Haakaa Pump Reviews

Haakaa Orignal With Flower Stopper (to purchase) is the cutest flower that serves as a cap to stop milk from spilling.

This is the most sought-after model. Because it’s affordable and comes with the flower stopper that moms find invaluable, be aware that this could be a choking risk as the baby grows older and begins to put things into their mouth.

Haakaa Convertible

For a little extra or a small cost, moms can purchase or pay a small fee.

Mamas can purchase the Haakaa pump Convertible (to purchase) with the option to include a nipple to convert the milk collected into a bottle to give to the baby.

This is a great option when you’re moving or traveling if you do not have refrigerators to store the milk.

You collect it by making it an insulated bottle means you won’t waste the milk, and your child will be able to enjoy it immediately.

What If I Don’t Normally Leak?

Even if you’re a mother of a child who does not normally leak from the other breast while breastfeeding, the Haakaa pump is still a great option. I promise!

I know this because my experience is one of those. I don’t leak through the other breast while feeding my infant.

When you attach the Haakaa to your breast, it offers a gentle suction. This can assist me in collecting 1-1.5oz each time I feed.

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Does the Haakaa Pump Increase Milk Supply?

Yes, it will increase the amount of milk you drink. The demand generally determines breast milk supply.

If you’re drawing more milk every time you feed using the haakaa breast pump, it will trigger your body to produce more milk.

Haakaa Pump Reviews

Many women don’t experience any significant increase in the supply. However, according to the principle of supply vs . demand, using the haakaa breast pump often will help.

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How to Use the Haakaa pump?

For the Haakaa, I typically attach my baby to me first in the cradle-holding position. I then attach my Haakaa pump to the breast by placing my hand on the other side.

I have found this method to be the best option.

After a lot of trial and error, however, I am certain there are moms out there. Who prefers this method by reverse order (attach to the Haakaa first, and then attach the baby)?

To secure the Haakaa pump:

  1. Squeeze the base until you get some air out.
  2. Bring it close to your breast and release it to create suction.
  3. Place your nose.

It’s possible to adjust it several times to ensure it’s comfortable. I like feeling an unrestricted tug. However, there shouldn’t be any pressure or pinching, and it shouldn’t feel painful. I like to ensure it is tight enough so it doesn’t slip off halfway through.

When your breasts begin to empty, it is possible to adjust or revise your suction with the Haakaa pump to ensure that the suction is solid.

It took a few uses to determine what was snug enough for me while feeling comfortable. Suppose you’re not usually leaky while breastfeeding. You may need an even stronger suction to make the milk begin flowing.

Will The Haakaa Pump Steal Milk From My Baby?

The quick answer is that it removes some milk from your breasts that will not be available to babies.

Haakaa Pump Reviews11

But, if you’re someone who leaks while breastfeeding, this milk could be lost even if you’re one of those who usually leaks, according to my experience. There’s plenty of milk to feed your baby, even using the Haakaa pump.

The body is always producing milk, even when nursing. Also, I’ve observed that using the Haakaa pump. Haakaa increased my breastmilk supply due to the combination of demand and supply.

It caused my body to make more breast milk as it removed more every time I fed.

Since I’m not someone with an oversupply of food.

I prefer to utilize the Haakaa pump only to take the nighttime feedings and the initial 1-2 meals throughout the day.

It’s normal for the supply of breastmilk to drop during the day. And I noticed that my Haakaa was not getting much milk in the afternoon or evening, in any case.

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Haakaa Pump Review


1: It’s simple and allows you to pump breastmilk with minimum effort.

There is no pumping to use the Haakaa. It is simply attached to your breast, letting it do its magic. If you breastfeed your other breast, it isn’t doing any harm, So why not use it to do its job?

 2: It is required no additional time

With the Haakaa pump. With the Haakaa pump, you collect breastmilk as you feed your infant. There is no reason to schedule an additional time every day to breastfeed.

  1. Clean-up is simple.

There’s only one item to wash, and it’s dishwasher-safe! I prefer to keep My Haakaa pump in the fridge between uses because I use it several times daily. I wash it following dinner while making dishes to ensure it’s ready for the evening meal.

4: It’s inexpensive.

It is worth noting that the Haakaa breast pump is cost-effective in comparison to similar breast pump models. It also pays for itself in a short time, considering the cost of the formula.


Although the Haakaa might not be the best solution for all pumping needs, we believe it fills the needs of moms who suffer from frequent leaks during feedings. Or who require an affordable, quiet, and portable pump to use on the go or at work.

The Haakaa pump is clean and easy to clean. It also works quietly when you are doing other tasks. While it could require some time to figure out the problem, some moms believe this easy solution is worth the effort once they’ve grasped it.

FAQs – Haakaa Pump Reviews

What is the reason why Haakaa is not highly recommended?

Haakaa Pumps could trigger an increase in milk production in some people, particularly when used repeatedly throughout the day to stimulate extra milk to be removed during the first few days.

Be aware that your body does not distinguish between the infant and the Haakaa. It can only tell whether the trigger resulted in a milk drop.

Does this Haakaa pump worth the cost?

The Haakaa worked wonders in relieving the discomfort of engorgement during the beginning. And thanks to this small pump, I saved so much milk and did not have to pull out my bigger electronic pump until my child was around six months old.

Additionally, I saved dollars on breastfeeding pads because I sucked up any excess milk in the Haakaa.

Can the pump haakaa enhance supply?

The body’s milk production is on a demand-and-supply basis. This means you can prepare your body to anticipate an amount in a nursing session.

Using the haakaa in this manner helps your body increase the amount of milk it produces by stimulating leakage and the flow of milk.

Will The Haakaa Steal Milk From My Baby?

The short answer is yes, and it will remove milk from your breast, which isn’t available for your baby. But, if one leaks milk while breastfeeding, the milk could go unnoticed.

How Long Do You Leave A Haakaa On?

It is possible to keep the Haakaa breast pump for 5 to 15 minutes on the breast you are nursing. This will allow sufficient time to allow your letdown to get caught by the milk catcher.

Do I have to sterilize Haakaa each time I use it?

In the initial three months following the birth of your baby, It is advised to sterilize your pump and the baby bottles used following each use.

After this time, certain mothers continue to do this, while others clean their pumps using hot soapy water after each use and then sterilize them after each use.

Are the haakaa used to collect let down?

The haakaa is traditionally only used to collect discharge from the side you’re not feeding your baby. However, some mothers keep it in place for longer and collect both foremilk and hindmilk.

What should I do if I find that your Haakaa hurts?

Make sure your nipple does not touch the silicone as if it did. It can cause harm. This is especially the case when pumping to relax your nipples, which are tender from nursing. Do not put them under any excessive pressure.