Your Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

Your Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist. You’re finally pregnant. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part: making a baby registry.

Even though you can’t use it for another nine months, you will want it in place as soon as possible.

That way, you can select from your registry whenever a family member or friend gives you a shower (which will likely be often).

What Is a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is a checklist of items you want to stock up on.

You know you’ll need these things, so it’s a good idea to list what you’d like and share it with family, friends, and baby shower guests so they know what items to gift the new parents.

Creating one includes anything you would like. It can be small items like clothing or toys or big-ticket items like travel systems or high chairs.

You make and manage your existing lists on sites that host wedding registries and showers!

When to Register for Baby?

As parents, we know that checking items off your baby registry checklist can be a never-ending task, and it doesn’t help that most things you’ll need for your newborn are bulky and might not fit in your regular household storage spaces.

That’s why we’re here to help from the beginning and take care of some things for you!

If you’re waiting to find out whether your baby is a boy or a girl, it might help to wait until the 20-week mark before setting up your registry.

This way, it won’t sway you to purchase specific colors and designs based on your knowledge of the babies.

Then, while you’re still waiting for this essential piece of info, spend some time researching the items that will become crucial once the little one arrives by checking out our helpful Baby Registry guide.

How Does a Baby Registry Work?

Registering for baby gifts can be fun and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and stress-inducing!

To make life easier for you and your future parents, we suggest you get more than one registry set up.

A universal baby registry is where you add all your items from different retailers (such as Amazon and Walmart!).

Your Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

This way, people who want to buy your little bundle of joy can go to one place to check out your item wishlist.

Speaking of wishlists, always check with the retailer on their return policy before registering so that it’s consistent across all sites!

Where to Register for Baby?

When it comes time to create a baby registry, you have many options. You can have a friend or family member help you build your registry or use one of the many available registry websites.

Depending on what style your babe wants, the price range, and the kinds of registry perks you want, some choices suit you better than others.


To choose a versatile baby registry, Amazon is a perfect place.

You can select items from any retailer. With Prime shipping, your items are delivered to your door in just two days — and with additional discounts as a Prime member.


Walmart is a perfect place to go if you’re buying baby items. You can find large quantities of products at competitive prices, but be careful to think before you buy certain things because you might need extra space in your home to store them all.

It’s also necessary to remain systematized so you don’t spend money on more than what’s essential for a baby!

What to Register for Baby?

Now comes the slightly more challenging part—figuring out the “essentials” in making a baby registry list.

Though there are no right or wrong answers, the contents of your baby registry are entirely up to you, but you must be sure it has everything your baby will need.

When it comes down to creating a secure and reliable pattern, you’ll need it when caring for your newborn.

So we quizzed Dyan Hes, MD, a medical director at Gramercy Pediatrics in New York City, who gave us ten essential items that people should not leave without on their child’s childcare checklist.

Second Baby Registry

If it is your second or third baby, you may not need to add as many items to your registry checklist, especially if you saved stuff from when your older kids were infants.

For example, certain products are generally safe to reuse, assuming they’re even in satisfactory condition and satisfy current safety measures—including:

  • Baby Clothes
  • Baby Cloth diapers
  • Baby Blankets
  • Glass bottles or Sippy cups
  • Baby Cribs
  • Baby Strollers & walkers
  • Carriers for baby
  • Bouncers
  • Baby monitor
  • baby Toys

You’ll still need a set of baby registry essentials for your new addition, such as disposable diapers, overalls, toys, bottle nipples, bath supplies, and even car seat pacifiers (since they expire).

Although you may be capable of reusing your stroller, one that doubles as one that can accommodate several children is a great purchase. Other essentials for your baby’s registry?

Your Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist Look After Babies

The big brother and the sister explain books like Sesame Street’s Welcome Baby. He says, “It’ll make everything easier.”

What Not to Register For?

You’ll want to have many baby items on hand, but there are a few things you can safely pass on. Let’s review a few products people think they must have but which might be better to go without:

Single-Purpose Devices And Tools:

A warm baby wipes dispenser may not be all that necessary. A regular countertop blender or food processor can also perform this function for many families.

Expensive Baby Clothes And Footwear:

Cute as those baby cowboy boots may be, you most likely won’t get much use out of them.

Crib Bedding Sets:

Crib bumpers, pillows, and quilts are unsafe for babies.

Too Many Toys:

Watch out for large baby toys that occupy much storage space, such as jumpers, activity centers, bouncers, and swings. You may not require them or want to store them.

Baby Registry Checklist

Childbirth is a fantastic experience. However, when your baby arrives, you may have many questions and feel overwhelmed figuring out what to do next, especially if this is your first time, mom or dad.

The following tips will let you know the nursery products and other necessities you’ll need to prepare for when the moment comes! Happy shopping!

Baby clothes

  • onesies (4 to 8)
  • socks or booties (4 to 8)
  • Two blanket sleepers for winter baby
  • Hats (1 to 3)
  • one-piece pajama (4 to 8)
  • undershirts (4 to 8)
  • sweaters or jackets (1 to 3)
  • No-scratch mittens
  • Bunting bag or fleece suit for a winter baby
  • rompers or other dress-up outfits (1 to 3)

Nursery items

  • Crib, cradle, or bassinet
  • Toy basket
  • Rocking or armchair
  • Nightlight
  • A cool-mist humidifier
  • Baby monitor
  • Firm, flat mattress
  • Dresser

Baby bedding

  • washable crib mattress pads (1 to 3)
  • fitted crib sheets (2 to 4)
  • soft, light-receiving blankets (4 to 6)
  • heavier blankets (1 to 2)


  • Diaper pail and liner aves
  • Changing table
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper cream
  • Unscented baby wipes
  • Soft washcloths
  • cloth diapers (6 to 10 dozen)

Bath items

  • Baby bathtub
  • Baby soap
  • Baby shampoo
  • soft towels (2 to 3)
  • Baby hairbrush
  • Soft washcloths
  • Gentle laundry detergent

Feeding Essentials

  • Bottles (8 to 10) and nipples
  • Pump
  • Milk storage bags
  • Nursing pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Nursing pillow
  • Bottlebrush
  • Dishwasher basket for small items
  • Bibs (4 to 8)
  • Burp cloths
  • Pacifiers (2 to 4)
  • Formula

Health Products

  • Baby nail clippers or blunt scissors
  • Baby thermometer
  • Playard with bassinet
  • High chair
  • Petroleum jelly and sterile gauze
  • Stroller or infant carrier
  • Infant or convertible car seat
  • Baby swing or bouncer
  • First aid kit
  • Baby gear
  • Infant or convertible car seat


What is the average number of items on a baby’s registry?

Users had an average of 121 items in their registry. Don’t be hung up on the number you feel is right for you. You can change or remove items as you go.

What’s the most popular baby registry?

The most sought-after registry items are trendy diaper bags, cute playmats, bedding, top-quality, sturdy cribs, rockers, and other baby furniture.

When your baby is born in three months, you’ll have three months to receive a fifteen discount off the remaining items on your registry.

When should you begin the baby registry?

You are technically able to start registering for your baby at any point. However, most mothers-to-be begin around 12 weeks. It may be too early, but creating an infant registry may require time.

How many baby registry books do I need?

One baby registry is sufficient. Having multiple registries is an additional burden for the parents and could become complicated for you, your family, and your friends. There is a chance you will have multiple registrations for the same thing.

Do I require a baby registry?

Around 20% of mothers create their first registry once they discover their child’s gender. There is no rigid time frame for when you should register. It’s dependent on your personal preferences. Remember that starting early is nothing wrong, and you may have problems if you delay too long.