How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2023)

Do you want to know how many diapers per size you need to buy for your baby? When it comes to diaper changes, your baby may require up to 8 to 10 diaper changes per day. On average, babies use about 5 or 6 diapers a day, ensuring their comfort and cleanliness.

New parents often focus on finding their child’s perfect bouncer and adorable crib bedding.

Although they’re great, one thing you’ll need most as new parents is “diapers.” Babies go through many diapers during their first year of life.

Many parents inventory diapers before the baby is born to be prepared for this. It can be a difficult job for both experienced parents and those who are first-time parents.

There are numerous factors to consider when stocking up, including the baby’s weight, diaper size, and budget.

You can easily get confused about how many diapers per size as you shop for your newborn baby in blissful pregnancy.

However, knowing what your baby needs and not buying a whole room of newborn diapers when you first see a sale is vital.

Many expecting parents wish to prepare for their baby’s arrival by purchasing diapers early. But how do you know the number of diapers needed in each size? Here we will discuss this.

Diaper Size Buying Guide To Estimate How Many Diapers Per Size You Will Need

How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

Here’s a guide to help you estimate how many diapers per size you require. If you opt for cloth diapers, you might need 8 to 10 cloth diapers a day to maintain a hygienic routine. But remember that every baby is unique, so there are no fixed numbers.

Also, as the size of diapers increases, you will get fewer disposable diapers in a box. For instance, you could expect 164 diapers in a size 1 box but only 136 diapers in a size 3.

Preemie (6 Pounds Or Less)

Generally, babies born prematurely are the only ones who require this size of diaper.

It’s impossible to know the likelihood that your child will be born prematurely and what size they’ll be, so you should plan to buy diapers according to the size of your baby.

Newborn (10 Pounds Or Less):

Young babies develop quickly and will graduate from newborn diapers within weeks.

Expect to go through around 8-12 diapers daily, equating to approximately two or three boxes (assuming each box is filled with 140 diapers).

It is important to note that many parents also receive newborn diapers from the hospital.

Size 1 (8 – 14 Pounds)

Most infants need diapers of size 1 until 4 months old and will soil around 8-10 diapers daily. So parents should think about buying three to four boxes with 164 diapers in each box.

Size 2 (12-18 Pounds)

Infants typically use these from 3 to 8 months and produce eight or nine dirty diapers daily. Expect to purchase between 3 to 5 boxes containing 142 diapers in each.

Size 3 (16-28 Pounds)

 It is the time when stockpiling becomes useful. Many babies require size 3 diapers. They’re used most often by babies from 5 to 24 months old.

At this point, infants must go through between six and seven diapers daily, meaning you’ll need approximately 7 or 8 boxes, considering 136 diapers in each box.

Size 4 (22-37 Pounds)

Size 4 diapers typically cater to infants between 18 and 36 months. They have a chance to soil between five and seven diapers per day.

Since many babies won’t require size 4 diapers until their about two and many parents decide not to buy a large quantity in the beginning, expect to use anywhere between 2 to 5 boxes.

Size 5 (27-35 Pounds)

Size 5 diapers fit toddlers who weigh 27 pounds and over. Kids typically reach their weight at around three years old. You can purchase and utilize these diapers when necessary.

Size 6 (35 Pounds Or More)

As the largest size brands offer, size 6 diapers are generally reserved for people older than 4. Make plans to purchase and use the diapers when needed.

Size 7 (41 Pounds Or More)

Some brands, like Pampers, make size 7 diapers suitable for older toddlers.

When your child is 41 pounds, assess the situation and purchase these diapers according to the weight.

Some Points To Consider While Figuring Out How Many Diapers Per Size

How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

Here are some essential points to consider in estimating the number of diapers you’ll need to buy:

Most parents have a favorite diaper brand, and finding the best one takes a bit of trial. You may want to put off stocking up until you have tried various alternatives.

Certain brands of diapers are smaller than other brands. If you’re worried about fitting, look up product reviews and talk to parents about their experiences.

Certain baby weights overlap between sizes of diapers. If you’re unsure which size to choose, consider the baby’s body shape. A baby with a larger body may require a larger size, whereas slimmer babies may be best in a smaller size. Be aware that smaller sizes tend to be less expensive.

Is It Good To Have Diapers In Stock?

There are a few factors to consider to know whether stockpiling is the right choice for your household.

Do You Have Enough Area To Store Diapers?

How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

Diapers take up a lot of space, and if you’re buying at a time, you may require storage for a whole year or more.

Diapers must also be kept in a dry place. Placing them in the corner of a damp basement is not the most secure solution.

Can You Afford To Buy In Advance?

Concerning space and financial restrictions, can you justify buying diapers in advance? And then let the money (diapers) be sat in a corner for at least a year.

How To Stockpile Disposable Diapers – Some Suggestions

To help you build an ample stash of diapers before the due date, here are some suggestions about everything from figuring out the appropriate size for your baby to how many diapers per size you need to put in your registration.

Do Not Get Trapped Up In The Size Of A Newborn

A typical newborn diaper can accommodate babies weighing up to 9 pounds. Be aware that newborns can gain three pounds within the initial month.

Most hospitals will leave you with a hefty supply of diapers for newborns, and you will not need to purchase many diapers.

While newborn diapers aren’t the most popular size people usually present during showers, purchasing only a couple of diapers for your newborn (120-240).

However, your infant may outgrow them over the first few weeks or may not even need them and move straight to Size 1 following birth.

Be aware that the size of diapers depends on your baby’s weight, not age.

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Take Into Consideration The Rate Of Growth Of Your Baby

If you are limited in space, the bulk of your diapers must be sizes 1 and 2. According to the brand, these diapers typically fit infants up to 18 pounds.

If you’ve got the storage space, sign up for Size 3, and it will get you through the first birthday.

How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

Here’s a rough outline of what you should register to increase your diaper supply for the year:

Only 1 to 2 packs of newborn size, with 128 diapers pack size. Babies usually remain in size for one month or less and require the typical eight diapers changed daily.

Between 4 and 5 packs of size 1, based on a 168-pack size. Babies will likely have this type of size during the first three months and require 6-9 diaper changes daily.

Five boxes in Size 2, based on the 148-pack size. Babies typically stay within this range for three months and require 6-9 daily diapers.

Eight boxes in Size 3, based upon the size of a 136 pack. Babies will be in this size for the remainder of their first year and beyond, with an average of 7 daily diaper changes.

Diapers For Girls And Boys

The sex of your baby could influence how quickly you’ll need to increase the size of your diaper. The average-sized baby boys typically change to Size 1 diaper at around four weeks of age or Size 2 diapers between the age of three or four months.

While average baby girls achieve these milestones, they transition to Size 1 diapers at six weeks. Size 2 diapers in four and five months.

How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

Baby boys are likelier to have “accidents” on the changing table. Many parents who have had both girls and boys say that boys undergo more diaper changes.

If you’re concerned about the waste of diapers while changing diapers for your little boy, make sure you have an extra cloth or wipe on them in the event of an accidental spill.

It can reduce the number of wasted diapers and keep you dry, too.

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Boxes Instead Of Bags Of Diapers

Bags of diapers hold more diapers than boxes, so many parents opt for bags for newborn sizes to avoid ordering again and again.

But when a baby is transitioning to the next size, typically, a box is the most affordable option.

Save Money On Diapers Later

Be aware that online retailers such as Amazon offer subscription-and-save options that allow you to save money (like 5 percent) for diapers delivered regularly.

And if you do not have enough space to store a lot of diaper bags in advance, sign up for gift cards that you can use to purchase diapers later.

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How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need?

If you’re considering cloth diapering, you’ll likely require diapers in reserve even if you plan to use the wash cycle daily.

Many parents who use cloth diapers prefer disposables during the first month of their child’s life because newborns use numerous diapers daily.

How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

If you purchase newborn baby sizes of cloth, you should ensure you have at least 20 of them in your closet (trust us, this isn’t a lot). Be aware that your baby might not fit in these for long.

The frequency you’ll be washing clothes will affect the number of cloth diapers that you require.

The majority of families prefer to have 24 diapers in total. However, you can manage as little as 14 (and do not mind cleaning them daily).

If you cannot determine which works best for your infant immediately, you use both cloth or disposable diapers. It’s OK, and it is going to be determined by trial.

Find out what your baby and you will like by adding different sizes and brands to your registry, and then experiment when your baby is born.

How Much Do Diapers Cost?

It’s awe-inspiring to look at the figures, knowing you’ll likely purchase over 100 tons of disposable diapers. One week’s worth of diapers will cost about $20.

Three thousand first-year diapers with an average price of $0.35 per diaper (or $0.25 per diaper if you purchase in bulk) can add up.

Based on the cost of diapers and the frequency of daily changes, the average family spends about $1,000 in the first year of use on disposable diapers and other items.

The total cost of a supply of diapers made from cloth could range from $500-$800, although there are higher-priced styles and investments in laundering as well as other products.

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Methods To Save Money

There are ways to save dollars when purchasing diapers. Sometimes, you’ll be able to combine some of the suggestions below.

Be aware that purchasing larger packages generally means less cost per diaper, but purchasing smaller packages could allow you to use more coupons.

If your baby is in the correct size range, buying the most extensive package of diapers you can afford could be a good purchase.

Coupons: Alongside advertisements in the mail and newspapers, be aware of online advertisements and emails on parenting-related websites.

Cash Back Apps: These rebates are frequently utilized in conjunction with coupons.

Subscription And Savings: Retailers like Amazon offer subscription and save options that deliver diapers regularly and provide a free trial.

Sales: Purchase extra diapers in advance when you can get a great deal on diapers at your local grocery or convenience store. The most cost-effective diapers and wipes are usually located in drugstores, with special programs offering discounts on certain products.

Diaper Banks: National Diaper Bank Network, a non-profit organization, runs diaper banks nationwide and provides diapers for families that can’t afford the cost. Check out their site to find a diaper store near you. If no diaper banks are close to you, local social and religious services often aid needy families.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need For A Diaper Change?

It will depend. One change could be as little as one or even 10 wipes.

If you use an average of four to five wipes per change (generously talking) and then consider changing 3,000 diapers in the first year of life, you’re considering about 15,000 total wipes.

How Many Diapers Per Size Your Baby Needs?

If are 100 wipes in a pack, you’ll need about 150 in the first year before your baby is toilet trained. If a package costs $3, that totals $450.

If you have space to keep wipes in stock, take advantage of them. If not, you must be able to have two or three other wipes packs available.

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Final Words

How many diapers per size will my baby need? Every baby is different. If you are deciding on the type and size of diapers, you should ask other parents around you what brands they like and why.

Whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, regardless of the dimension or manufacturer, keeping a well-stocked stash on hand will reduce stress and money and allow you to feel more comfortable and ready for your baby’s arrival.

For some babies, the number of diaper changes can go up to 10 to 12 diapers a day, catering to their individual needs. A typical range for diaper usage can be anywhere from eight to 12 diapers per day, accommodating various factors.

Daily, your little one might go through six to nine diapers each, promoting their well-being and dryness. The recommended range for diaper changes is approximately 8–12 diapers per day, offering optimal care for your baby.

Keeping your baby’s comfort in mind, aim for 6-8 wet diapers per day to ensure their dryness and contentment. To maintain good hygiene and comfort, it’s advisable to have eight to 12 diapers on hand for your baby’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – How Many Diapers Per Size

How Long Will The Baby Be In Each Size?

It is a challenge to understand how many diapers per size. Babies come in all sizes and develop on their timetable. While some babies are tiny and must wear newborn diapers for two months, others are big and don’t need the infant diaper ultimately.

How Many Newborn Diapers Do You Need?

Newborns can require 8-10 diaper changes each day for the first few months. During the initial three months, they use approximately 700 diapers.
The good news is that baby’s bladder size increases with age, so you’ll need to change fewer diapers as they age. Think 5-6 diapers per day after the first six months.
Thus, the time of changing diapers every two hours will not be around forever.

How Many Diapers Do You Need In The First Year?

Babies will go through between 2000 and 3000 diapers in the first year of life. Some estimates suggest 6000-7000 diapers until they are potty trained.
That’s a lot of wet bums. The Baby shower is a perfect opportunity to build a diaper stash if you have space.
The number of diapers your baby uses and how many diapers per size depends on how often they’ve changed and the frequency with which they wet their diapers.

How Will I Know Which Brand Of Diaper To Buy For My Baby?

Every baby is unique; some babies may have more sensitive skin than others. It is possible to test various diaper brands to find one suitable for your baby’s skin. Alternatively, you may be fortunate to find that every diaper is suitable.
Many stores offer an extensive return/exchange policy for unopened diapers. When you’ve decided what kinds of diapers you prefer, you can exchange the ones you already have with the ones you’d like. If not, sell your unwanted items on the Marketplace or a resales website to make a profit.