How To Empty Diaper Genie? Top 11 Tips

Are you looking for a solution to how to empty diaper genie? Technology for removing diapers has made a significant leap, and you no longer need to think about opening the pail daily.

If you are fortunate enough to have a Diaper Genie in your home, you can forget about cleaning out the garbage all the time and instead focus on having fun with your child.

Diaper Genies are a fantastic solution for new parents who are soaking in baby diapers and are tired of tying every poopy Diaper in a plastic grocery bag to prevent the smell from taking over the home.

Although Diaper Genies appear to be simple trash cans to store diapers, they have much more to their functions than what is apparent.

They can also be challenging to understand. But, investing some time and study to discover the best way to use a Diaper Genie is worth it to stop your home from being sprayed with stinky diapers.

If you decide to go with the Diaper Genie model, we suggest reading the Diaper Genie instructions below. You will know how to empty diaper genie with a little what to do and a few hours of practice.

How To Empty Diaper Genie Of Your Baby

After using a ton of diapers and an overflowing bag in your Diaper Genie, it is time to empty it to make room for more.

Follow these steps to learn the best method to empty diaper genie, and then start with a new bag to store your child’s dirty diapers.

Unlock The Top Of The Pail

The way your pail opens could be slightly different based on your model. In the case of the Diaper Genie Complete case, the lower part begins from the top and is then pulled down, whereas, in the Diaper Genie Elite, the lid opens from the middle and opens forward.

Simply look for a lever in the bottom portion of your diaper pail to open the bottom part. You may have to press a button to let it open (like in models like the Elite Model).

Pull The Plastic Bag Down

After opening the bottom of your Diaper Genie, you have to pull back the bag to have at minimum 6 inches of additional length at the top of your bag. (You will require this length to secure the top of the bag.)

Tear The Plastic Bag’s Top

Look for the small blade within the Diaper Genie to aid in tearing the bag’s top. In the complete model, the edge is located inside a slot on the top of the opening as you switch bags.

On the Elite, it is inside a slit in the rear of the pail, close to the hinge that will push the top backward.

After finding the slit with the small blade, slide the top of your bag over it and cut it out. It will separate the load from the remaining baggage tubing.

Secure The Plastic Bag’s Top

After removing your bag, tie it securely to stop odors from entering your house and place it in your garbage bin.

Pull The Remaining Plastic Bag Down

To make the Diaper Genie ready to be filled once more, pull the remainder of the bag’s tube from the end that you have recently cut until you reach the bottom of the pail and leave a few extra inches to tie.

Tie The Bottom Of The Plastic Bag

Tied the end of your tubing bag that you pulled into the bottom of your pail to stop any smelly diapers from escaping.

Seal The Bottom Of The Pail

Close the bottom of the pail, and you are ready to change your baby’s diapers.

How To Refill Your Diaper Genie Pail

If you are starting to use the Diaper Genie pail or the last bag inside ran out, now is the time to restock it with a brand-new bag.

Follow the below instructions to add a brand new bag refill for your Diaper Genie system.

NOTE: There is no requirement to use the same brands of Genie Diaper Bags to refill Diaper Genie pails.

Refills can be expensive so that you can use the non-branded refills for your Diaper Genie brand pails for many years.

One of the recommendations is the Mama Bear ones available on Amazon.

Take Off The Protective Plastic Layer Around The Bag’s Circle

Before you can put your bags in the Diaper Genie, you must remove the plastic rim on the exterior side of the pack “canister” (or circle). It will differ based on the refill brand you are using.

Pull The Plastic Bag Material About 6 Inches Upward

Pull the material off the plastic bag once you have removed the rim, allowing you to access approximately 6 inches or about.

Note: Always always pull only a single layer of bag material. It is possible to accidentally take two layers and pull them up, leading to a massive mess once you load the bags and use them.

If you happen to take two layers on the first attempt, do it again and then lift one layer further up than the other so that you don’t get confused about which you are working on.

Pull The Plastic Bag Material Through The Circular Frame

Take the top end of the one layer of bag materials you pulled out and push it through the circle of plastic holding bags till it’s entirely at the other end.

Tie The End

You can extend it a bit and tie it at the end.

Press The Pedal To Open Your Diaper Genie’s Top

Press the foot pedal to open the top of your Diaper Genie. It is where the stinky diapers will be placed.

Insert The Frame On The Top Of The Diaper Genie

Simply put the frame of your circular bag in the circular area on top of the Diaper Genie pail. Pair it so your bag’s tied end hangs towards the bottom.

Open The Lower Part Of The Diaper Genie

The procedure will differ based on the kind of Diaper Genie pail you own. Some have a lever that can be pulled downwards to open the bottom, some have a switch to press, and some have a lever at the center of the bottom that needs to be pulled up to open the bottom.

Tie The Bag To The Bottom Of The Pail

After opening the Diaper Genie, locate one end on the tubing you tied before when you placed it. Then, lower that end into the inner bottom of the pail.

Close The Top Of The Diaper Genie

The only thing left is to close the top of the Diaper Genie, and you are good to go.

Press the pedal with your foot after using the diapers, and then push them down to the opening at the top. When you release your foot, the bottom of the pail will close again.

It will push the Diaper down into the bottom bag and shut off the top to stop the smells from spilling.

How To Empty Diaper Genie? Some Tips

Many people put carbon filters inside pails to reduce the smell inside. You can also put some Lavender essential oil onto a ball of cotton and then place it inside your diaper genie.

It is common for diapers to smell both at night and during the day. If you are newlywed and trying to get ready for your home, install the Diaper Genie upstairs and downstairs as long as you have the money.

Utilizing expensive Diaper Refill bags inside the Diaper Genie pail is unnecessary. The cost of refills can add up, so think about choosing an alternative not from a brand to save some cash.

Make sure to place your order for bags of refills ahead of time because it is not pleasant when you go out for a couple of days and have piles of dirty baby diapers scattered around the house. Knowing the number of bags you have left is difficult, so it’s better to be secure than sorry.

To keep your baby’s room smelling fresh, empty the Diaper Genie regularly.

Also, remember that you must keep your Diaper Genie clean and disinfected so that it is safe for your baby and anyone else living in your home to walk in the vicinity.

It is recommended to clean the inside with disinfectant wipes every time you wash and change the bag. You should also need to clean it using water and soap frequently. Make sure to dry everything before putting the bags back together to reduce the chance of mold forming within the container.


Make sure you double-check that your knots are secure. The final thing you want is for your bags to be loose.

Some Recommendations For Diaper Pails

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Frequently Asked Questions- How to Empty Diaper Genie

At what frequency do you need to empty your Diaper, Genie?

A pail must be cleaned twice or three times per week, depending on the capacity.

How many times can you refill the Diaper Genie refill?

The diaper genie 1-year supply refill kit is an ideal baby registry item. Diaper genie’s refills for diapers come with a patent seven-layer odor barrier film that keeps germs and odors in. Each refill can hold more than 270 diapers for newborns.

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Why does my Diaper Genie stink?

The bags that are used to refill them could be of poor quality.

Diaper Genie filters seal the smell due to their unique design. Inside the pail, the Diaper Genie refills do the job. When the refill bag is damaged or has a bad seal, the fecal odor is released to the bucket, and your Diaper Genie will smell.

How many bags will you receive from this Diaper Genie refill?

The company claims that the refill bags can hold more than 270 diapers.

Are diaper genies worth it?

After trying a variety of pail diapers, we discovered that Playtex Diaper Genie Elite is one of the tops available. It is a well-constructed, simple-to-use diaper pail with an easy-to-use foot lever that allows a hand-free diaper deposit. It is a great affordable option to allow you to take care of your baby’s needs.

Final Words

How to empty a diaper, genie? It might take some time to master the process of cleaning your Diaper Genie but do not be afraid to take your time to run through it several times when you get the chance.

If your baby is at home and you already have diapers to take care of, there is no reason not to learn at your own pace. Take it slow at first, and you will become a master of it quickly.

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