How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

“How much do diapers cost per month?” you should know. Yes, you can decide when you are ready for a baby. But you also need to prepare your pocket first.

Babies are expensive, as everyone knows. You will spend on baby equipment, nursery decor, and cute onesies to keep your baby dressed even after spit-up.

It does not even include future years of soccer uniforms and school supplies.

How much does a baby cost in the first year? And what is the average cost of diapers and wipes per month? The range for a monthly disposable diaper budget depends on the type of diaper you choose.

It is usually between $150 and 275, depending on what diaper style you choose.

While babies are a lot of work and parenting is not for everyone, navigating a baby’s life is a great experience. It’s not a secret that newborns poop a lot.

It is easy to overlook the expenses associated with a bundle of joy. It is easy to overlook the monthly cost of diapers. But you might not realize how much diapers can cost.

There are many ways to cut down on diaper costs per month. Let’s look at how to budget for diapers each month.

1. How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month?

Before you have a baby, diapers may not seem like a significant expense. However, once you begin to use diapers, you will quickly realize how expensive they can be.

New York Life estimates you will spend $75 per month on diapers. It can result in an annual cost of $900. It is the average monthly cost of diapers, but it will depend on your chosen brand and how lucky you are with coupons.

Diapers are an expensive item to add to any budget. However, 95% of American moms use disposable diapers for their babies. It is an expense most families need to budget for.

First, ensure that the diapers chosen by your editorial staff are good for the environment. These diapers are more expensive than other brands but are still eco-friendly.

You also must ensure that diapers are free from fragrances, chlorine, parabens, and phthalates.

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

Nest is one of our favorite brands, and it costs $64.99 to buy a 120-count pack of diapers in size 3. It is approximately $0.54 per diaper.

Most babies use about 15-20 diapers per day. If we assume that 17 diapers are being used on an average day, then the diaper bill for the day is about $9.18.

Multiply this number for a month, and you’ll need to pay $275.40 for diapers.

Huggies brand diapers are $0.31 each, at $48.80 per 156-count pack. However, it will still cost families $5.27 per day and $158.10 per month, even though it is less expensive per diaper at $0.31.

Therefore, an excellent range to estimate a monthly disposable diaper budget can be between $150 and $ 275, depending on the style of diaper you choose.

The annual diaper cost can range from $1,800 to $3,300.

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2. How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Year?

There are many options in terms of diaper costs. Experts recommend you budget at least $1000 to buy diapers and $450 to purchase wipes for your baby’s first year. It is approximately $120 per month.

Disposable diaper users should expect to use as many as 3,500 diapers per child in the first year.

3. How To Cut Down On Diapers Costs?

It’s no secret that diapers can get expensive quickly. There are many ways to save money for moms with a limited budget. These are the top ways to save money on diapers.

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

Use Affordable Brands

All diapers are not created equal. You’ll quickly discover which diaper brands are best for your baby. It is worth trying the less expensive brands.

Many high-quality diaper brands are available at affordable prices.

Generic brands, for example, can be an economical option that doesn’t compromise the experience. It is best to try out a few brands that you like.

You can switch between brands easily, so you are flexible if one goes on sale.

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Bulk Purchases

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

You can save your money by purchasing diapers in bulk. When you buy large quantities of diapers, you can get diapers at a lower price per diaper.

These big deals are at Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Only Buy What You Need For A Few Days At A Time

Bulk buying can help lower diaper costs per month. However, the downside of bulk buying is that you buy more diapers of a size. That will no longer be used when your baby outgrows that size.

Ask For Diapers For Your Baby Shower

Although diapers might not be the most adorable baby shower gift, they will be used. It is a brilliant idea to get a variety of sizes if you register for diapers.

Babies are very fast-growing. You can request a scale of diaper sizes to help get you started at each stage.

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

Giving up diapers in favor of a more adorable gift at a shower can be tempting. However, New parents always reach for a fresh diaper.

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Look For Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save on diapers. You need to know where to find the best coupons. Sign up for rewards programs from the largest brands.

You can get big discounts and coupons with high value once you join the rewards program.

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

Amazon Family offers discounts of up to 20% on diapers if you have a Prime account. Amazon Coupons also offers more coupons.

Check Out The Sales

You can save a lot of money on diapers by shopping during the sales. There are often sales on diapers, which can be otherwise expensive.

You should know the prices at Walmart and Target, but you may find better deals at smaller stores.

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

You might not think of pharmacies when you are looking for diapers. But it is possible to save big on their diaper sales.

Walgreens and CVS are both stores, and they offer diaper sales regularly.

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Give Reusable Diapers A Try

We mentioned that 95% of American moms use disposable diapers. However, reusable diapers are more cost-effective and better for the environment.

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month for Your Baby?

You can save thousands on diapers if you opt for reusable diapers. Before abandoning cloth diapers, take a moment to examine the options.

This one choice could lower your monthly diaper costs and greatly benefit your budget.

You can also use a hybrid approach to diapering that combines disposable and cloth diapers.

4. Why Not Just Abandon Disposables?

Disposable diapers are helpful in four core areas, according to our research:

Daycare facilities almost exclusively use disposable diapers if you intend to send your child there.

Disposable diapers are an excellent option for traveling.

Disposable diapers are more convenient and efficient at night for parents who are often sleep-deprived.

Disposable diapers have indicators that can help new parents who are busy and prevent them from changing their diapers while it’s still clean.

Many eco-friendly diapers can be biodegradable. However, if they are thrown away with regular trash, they will end up in a landfill.

Disposable diapers produce a lot of waste. They also smell horrible as they accumulate for the week.

Cloth diapers need to be washed, which takes energy and water. However, we already use these resources in the laundry that we do regularly.

Final Words

How much do diapers cost per month? Disposable diapers can be costly at $150-275 per month.

This is especially true when you consider that newborn babies may use up to 20 diapers daily. Parents will often feel guilty about disposable diapers and the cost.

However, disposable diapers are helpful, and it is unlikely for most families to go without them. Here comes the hybrid approach.

It combines cloth and disposable diapers that could reduce waste while making the family’s budget stretch a little further.

5. Frequently Asked Questions- How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Month

What Is The Monthly Cost Of A Baby?

You should consider your financial situation before making any major life decisions. In your first year, you must spend an average of $1,500 monthly.
Although babies can make your life better, they are lovely, and it is not an inexpensive investment.

What Is The Average Diaper Price?

Disposable diapers are not cheap. Parents can expect to spend substantially over the years, even though the price depends on the brand and package size.
On average, a diaper can cost $0.20 to $0.30.

What Is The Cost Of Diapers For The First Year?

Baby needs between 6-12 diapers per day. In the beginning weeks, they may need more.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, disposable diapers can cost families as much as $936 annually. That’s roughly $18 per week.

What Is The Average Monthly Cost Of Diapers & Wipes?

You’ll have to pay for diapers and wipes every time your baby uses the toilet. You can’t survive without them, and you can’t use them again.
It can run to $30-60 monthly, depending on your spending.

What Is The Average Price Of A Diaper Pack?

A bag of Pampers diapers costs about $10 or $0.37 per diaper. A bulk box of the same diapers comes out to $53, or $0.31 per diaper. Buy in bulk to save $10.

How Many Wipes Can You Need In A Single Month?

A typical toddler or baby over nine months old will have three wet and one dirty diaper per day. This equates to 13 wipes per day, 390 wipes a month, and 1,170 wipes from months 9-12.
This is approximately five packs per month or 15 packs for all three months.

How Long Does It Take For A Man To Change A Baby’s Diaper?

Changing a diaper takes a woman approximately two and five seconds and an average man about a minute and a half.

What Is The Annual Cost Of A Baby?

Although babies are adorable, they can come at a high price. A US Department of Agriculture report shows that the average family with a middle income spends $12,000 to $14,000 yearly on child-related expenses. The cost of newborns is much higher.

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