How To Keep Baby Cool in a Stroller?

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2023)

How to keep baby cool in a stroller? We do not recommend taking your children out in a stroller during heat waves, but it is impossible to keep them inside all summer.

However, parents of infants should be aware that summer is a time of warmth and sunshine.

In this season, children can become more uncomfortable in their strollers. These are some ways to keep your kids cool while out and about in the city.

Best Tips About How to Keep Baby Cool in a Stroller?

The following tips ensure your baby is comfortable and has plenty of fresh air.

Right Time

It is best to go outside in the morning or late afternoon when cool. You should avoid the sun’s peak time from 10 AM to 2 PM during the day.

Sensible Clothing

On hot days, dress your baby in one layer of light-colored, moisture-absorbent, but breathable fabric, such as a cotton onesie or shirt.

Babies and young children still have a lot of development, so regulating their bodies’ temperature is difficult. They are more likely to save heat which could lead to excessive heating.

Overdressing your child can cause heat rashes. Underdressing could lead to heatstroke or sunburn. So, lightweight clothing made of loose cotton covering the legs and arms is a good choice.

Bamboo is another fabric that is increasing in popularity. Bamboo absorbs sweat, but unlike cotton, it doesn’t retain it. The material releases moisture so that it can evaporate.

The use of a hat is a final consideration in clothing. A hat with a wide rim covering the ears and neck is best.

One of the good options is the hat from I Play; it provides good coverage and ties below the chin. It helps keep the cap on, but unlike elastic strings that can impede circulation, it will not cause any problems.

More Liquids

When the temperature rises, dehydration can be a serious concern. You must increase fluid intake to prevent them from losing moisture through sweating.

To keep babies hydrated, you can give breast milk or formula. It is best to wait at least six months to give water to babies.

Older babies and toddlers should be offered water to keep them cool and hydrated when playing outside.

Your milk provides all the nutrition your baby needs. Dehydration can be prevented by increasing the amount of breast milk you give your baby when it is hot.

Formula-fed babies will require an extra formula. Babies older than six months may also need additional water. However, you should not give your baby more than 4 oz of water.

A baby with a more pungent odor or darker-colored urine could indicate not getting enough fluids.

Look For Shade

To avoid direct sunlight exposure, park your baby’s stroller under a tree or shaded spot.

Although strollers come with a canopy, they cannot provide full shade from the sun. You can protect your baby and keep them cool by purchasing a stroller cover. Such as:

Summer Rayshade Stroller Cover

Dino Stroller Sun Shade

These covers can protect your child from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays up to 99 per cent.

It is crucial because sunburn can lead to skin cancer later in life. These are often lightweight materials, allowing air to reach your child.

These canopies provide extended sun coverage, suitable for most of the best baby strollers. They are easy to attach and quick to use.

They can be water-repellent and doubled up as rain covers. They can even be equipped with storage pockets to keep extra hydrating drinks.

To provide shade, do not let your child use a blanket or muslin blanket draped over the stroller. It can prove dangerous, as the stroller’s temperature will rise.

Wipe Baby Down

Your skin cools down when your body sweats. Wiping your baby with a damp cloth can cool them down. The rag’s wetness will act like sweat on the skin if it is not too hot outside.

Your baby’s head and neck are the most important areas to clean. It will cool them down like an air conditioner.

Watch your baby closely when wet or apply a cool cloth to their skin. Make sure that the rag does not touch their faces.

Schedule Extra Rest Time

Infants can feel more tired if they spend too much time in the heat. So, planning the baby’s rest and naps after outside playtime is essential.

Homemade Cooling Systems

There are a few options available for homemade solutions:

  • Water bottles that have been used
  • Cooler packs
  • Use wet towels

Sandwiches Made from Frozen Water Bottles

You can fill a water bottle up to 1/3 of the way. Then freeze it, and wrap it in a towel.

Place one on each side of your child in the stroller to provide cooling power. Ensure the baby cannot remove the bottle cap, which could result in choking.

Cooler Packs

You can place pads or more excellent packs under the cushion of your stroller.

Wet Towels

Use a towel to wipe the baby’s skin. It will cool and refresh their skin as the air touches it.

What Should Be the Qualities of a Stroller And How To Keep Baby Cool In a Stroller?


Choose The Color Wisely

It is essential to care about the color and style of baby strollers. Research shows that lighter colors reflect more sun rays than absorb them. It will make your baby feel cooler even during the hottest summer days.

Get A Stroller Seat Liner

It might seem like it would only make the baby more comfortable during winter by keeping him warmer, but that is not true.

A seat liner is designed to wick moisture away from a baby’s skin and keep them comfortable. It is an easy accessory for summer walks.

Liners can be made of breathable fabrics or have absorbent cushioning. It will stop sweating and overheating. Some stroller liners have a gel inside that keeps the baby calm.

Some of the recommendations are:

Pure Cotton Reversible Baby Seat Liner

G-Tree Baby Stroller Liner

 Use A Stroller Fan

When it gets hot and steamy, we all appreciate having a fan. So, for walking with a baby in a stroller, you can give your baby a fan that attaches to their stroller. These fans are battery-operated.

The clip of the fan will attach to your stroller quickly and easily. The baby will also enjoy the white noise, watching the movements, and the cooling effect of an oscillating fan.

A stroller fan has the added benefit of using it indoors. It can circulate air throughout the nursery to keep the baby cool during daytime naps and summer nights.

Some Recommendations:

  • VASG Battery Operated Stroller Fan
  • Skip Hop Portable Stroller Fan
  • Diono Stroller Fan

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Reduce Back Panel to Increase Airflow

Some strollers come with a removable back panel. It can increase airflow around the baby and help keep them cool.

Stroller Umbrella

A stroller umbrella is better than a standard canopy on a hot summer day. The hot and dry air can increase the chance of overheating.

They can be purchased from different brands. But buying it from the same manufacturer as your baby stroller is best.

Some Recommendations:

Sport-Brella SPF 50 + Umbrella

Sport-Brella 4-Way Swiveling Umbrella

Convenient Bassinet

Your newborn will only be able to enjoy the holiday picnic by cheering and wiggling. It is important to have a spacious bassinet for your stroller.

Other qualities in strollers include breathable fabricless plush, and a sunshade with ventilation.

What Is Outside Temperature Too Hot for A Baby’s Body and How to Keep Baby Cool in a Stroller?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should avoid taking their babies outside longer when the heat index exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Babies can quickly overheat if they are exposed to extreme heat.

Babies are less effective at cooling their bodies than adults. It is because they do not sweat as much. They cannot tell you if their body is overheating or not feeling well.

You can give your child breaks as often as you like, depending on how they react to heat.

So, check the heat index before you go outside with your baby in the summer. You can take precautions to ensure your baby’s safety when out.

How Can I Protect My Baby from The Sun?

Pay attention to how much sunlight your baby gets, especially as infant skin can easily get sunburned.

Summer Skincare Products for Babies Younger Than 6 Months

Sunscreen should not be used on babies younger than six months. As sunscreens can cause skin irritation to babies’ developing skin.

Instead, make sure to protect newborns and infants from direct sunlight. Look for shade from trees and other sources.

Dress babies in a broad-brimmed sunhat to block the sun’s rays from their eyes and face. To block the sun from reaching the baby’s legs and arms, use a stroller shade.

Use car window shading to prevent direct sunlight from reaching your baby during car rides.

Summer Skincare Products for Babies 6 Months Old and Older

Baby’s 6-12 month old should use a hypoallergenic sunscreen that is free of fragrances. These types are less likely to sting their eyes or irritate their skin.

Broad-spectrum sunscreens should offer UVA and UVB protection, with a minimum of 30 SPF. If your baby has been swimming, sweating, or if there is a risk of sunburn, apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

What Should I Do If My Baby Develops a Heat Rash In The Summer?

Heat rash is a skin condition that can look like pimples or blisters. It occurs when babies’ skin becomes too sweaty.

A heat rash outbreak may appear on your baby’s neck, chest, arms, elbows, or armpits. It can occur at any age but is most common in children and young babies.

Bring your baby inside to a quiet, air-conditioned room if they get a heat rash. To remove the sweat, bathe your baby or wipe it off with a towel. You can replace their sweaty clothes with a dry, relaxed outfit.

You should not use skin ointments or powders to treat heat rash. It will go away once the baby’s skin has cooled down.

How Do I Know If Baby Is Hot?

These signs can help you tell if your baby is becoming too hot:

  • Extreme fatigue and drowsiness
  • Disinterest in eating/drinking
  • Flushed face
  • Older children may experience more sweatiness

If your baby shows heat signs, bring them to a cool place. Change sweaty clothes with a dry, clean outfit. To help them rehydrate, offer milk or formula.

After following these steps, your pediatrician should be contacted if your baby seems hot. These signs could indicate dehydration or Heat illness; you might need to take your baby to the doctor immediately.

What Is the Ideal Temperature In Summer For A Baby’s Bedroom?

The baby’s room temperature should be between 68-72 degrees. Keeping a baby’s bedroom cool is essential, especially when sleeping.

If your thermostat is set at a higher level or your air conditioner is not working correctly. You can use blinds and curtains to block the direct sunlight, and fans can also be used to circulate air.

You can spend the day in a library, shopping center, or other community cooling center if your air conditioner is not working at home due to a power outage.

What Are Some Other Dos and Don’ts?

  • You must never leave your baby in a hot car. Temperatures in a car can quickly rise to dangerous levels, so take precautions to ensure your child is not left behind.
  • Also, ensure that your older children and babies are supervised in the pool. It will help to avoid the risk of drowning or injury.
  • A blanket should not shade a stroller. It will keep the sun out but keep the heat in and cause the baby to get too hot.
  • Avoid going out in the middle of the day. It is better to plan your trips during a more relaxed time, such as in the morning rather than the afternoon.
  • If you have to, walk in the shade. If you are in a city, look for trees with branches that hang over the ground.
  • You, as parents, must check on your baby’s health periodically to ensure they are doing well. The appearance of a reddened face, more frequent crying, and a tendency to refuse drinks could be signs that your baby is overheating.
  • Keep the baby strollers clean. It will ensure your baby is safe and free from germs and pathogens. The stroller should be kept in the most secure area of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Keep Baby Cool In a Stroller?

Why Are Babies So Hot?

The baby’s temperature is maintained in the womb by the mother. After they are born, their nervous system is still developing and cannot regulate their temperature.

Babies don’t sweat nearly as much as adults, so they cannot cool down naturally as quickly. Babies can overheat in hot conditions because they have less skin surface than adults.

What Are The Potential Dangers Of Babies Overheating?

Overheating in the early stage can irritate, such as restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and heat rash.

If your baby’s body temperature rises too high, it can lead to heatstroke.

You should immediately seek medical attention because an excessive body temperature can cause irreversible brain damage and even death.

What Are The Signs That My Baby Is Heating Up?

Touching your baby’s neck and ears is the best way to determine if they are overheating.

You will know if your baby’s ears are hot and red and their neck is sweaty. Babies may also develop redder cheeks and breathe faster when they overheat.

You may notice signs such as lethargy, unresponsiveness, dizziness, and confusion in your baby if he or she is severely overheated. Your baby’s skin might feel dry.

You should immediately seek medical attention if your baby becomes unresponsive or cannot be calmed down. Extreme irritability or inconsolable crying could indicate that your baby needs medical attention.

Pay attention to how often your baby changes diapers throughout the day, especially if they are frequently outside.

A baby with too few wet diapers could indicate dehydration. If your baby is dehydrated, their urine might have a more pungent smell and darker color.

Final Word

How to keep baby cool in a stroller? Avoid peak heat time and keep your baby shaded if you take the baby with you on a long trip. And you can use any of the above strategies to beat the heat.