How To Fold Bob Double Stroller

How To Fold Bob Double Stroller?

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2023)

How to fold BOB double stroller? It is the basic question for parents who have Bob’s stroller.

This stroller is considered to be one of the most well-known strollers in the stroller market and is too easy to fold.

This stroller comes in different types and it varies from a single stroller to a double stroller.

Portability is the key thing that I love most in this stroller. 

If you have purchased a Bob stroller for your little one and you are unaware of its folding mechanism, this article is for you.

In this article, our main topic of discussion is “How to fold BOB double stroller?” We will also discuss different aspects of the bob stroller.

What Is A BOB Stroller?

A bob stroller is one of the best and most attractive strollers in the stroller market but you should not buy any stroller just by seeing it until you get proper information about your respective type of stroller.

There are a number of types and designs of a Bob stroller because it varies from single to double stroller and there are also so many other types, in this situation, it is much more difficult to decide which type is best for your little one.

You are able to move this stroller on rough surfaces. The stroller wheels are made to go on rough surfaces and are made up of high-quality material.

There are different varieties of this stroller type and you can choose your wished type according to your need. 

Forms Of Bob Stroller:

There are two main types or forms of a bob stroller which are:

Single stroller 

Double stroller

A.      Single Stroller:

The bob single stroller is suitable for one child only and it does not depend on whether your baby is in recline position or in sitting upright.

This stroller is only best for those parents who have only one child and they want to choose a stroller that is easy to move.

It is best to give your baby a smooth ride.

B.      Double Stroller:

This stroller is best for those parents who have two children and it does not depend on whether your child sits in a side-by-side position or in a tandem position.

It is easy to move this stroller from one place to another without causing hindrance to their comfort.

Finally, I will say that this stroller is responsible to make both types of strollers which are single and double strollers and it includes:

  • Bob’s Jogging stroller
  • Bob travel stroller
  • Bob Umbrella stroller 
  • Bob pram. 

How To Fold Bob Double Stroller?

In this article, our main topic of discussion is how to fold Bob double stroller. As you know this type of strollers are specifically designed to carry two children at the same time.

Some people think that folding a Bob double stroller is difficult and it is due to its large size.

There is no difference between the folding mechanisms of double and single strollers. Here is a detailed description of the folding steps:

Initial step:

  • The initial step is the handlebar raising step.
  • First, you have to hold the two handlebars and then release the levers.
  • After that, you should raise the handlebars and make sure that you are not releasing handlebar release levers.
  • Now you should raise the handlebar by pulling and you should do it by clutching these levers.

Second step:

  • The second step of folding is based on the tugging of the red handle.
  • In this stroller, there is a red handle which is present at the backside and you should pull it backside.
  • After moving backward your stroller will become folded.

Last step:

  • It is the buckle application step to ensure proper locking.
  • At last, you should come to the front side of the stroller and enable red buckles to ensure locking at the proper place.
  • By following the above-described steps you can easily fold your baby stroller and thus we have completed our main topic which was how to fold a bob double stroller.

Things To Consider When Folding A Bob Stroller?

There are many things that you should follow when want to fold a bob stroller but these are the main key things you must follow before folding a baby stroller.

Free stroller from Essentials:

  • You should empty your baby stroller before folding it as it is important. 
  • The presence of baby essentials can cause hindrances in the folding mechanism of the stroller.
  • You should also remove the basket and infant seat.

Lock stroller brakes:

  • You should immediately apply stroller brakes before folding. It is because it prevents the stroller from moving.
  • It also makes it easy to fold the stroller efficiently.

Lower down canopy:

  • You must lower the canopy to make stroller folding easy.
  • You can feel difficulty in folding the mechanism of the stroller if you did not lower the stroller’s canopy.

Fold down the stroller’s handlebars:

  • You should also fold down the stroller’s handlebar toward the stroller frame.
  • By folding the stroller’s handlebar your baby stroller will reduce in height and thus you can easily store and transport it.

Frame folding:

  • You should press down the middle of the stroller frame and you should also collapse the stroller together.
  • You should also ensure that you’re that stroller parts are properly aligned before engaging the stroller straps.

Engage stroller strap:

  • After stroller folding, you should use stroller straps to keep your stroller safe.
  • This thing is to prevent accidentally unfolding or folding of stroller.

Store the stroller:

  • You should store the stroller in a cool and dry place.
  • You should store this stroller in:
  • Storage room
  • In a closet
  • In the trunk of your car

What Are The Types Of BOB Strollers?

There are so many options available in the stroller market and it is a bit confusing.

Luckily, you will be glad to know that there are so many varieties of bob stroller which ranges from size to size and model to model and thus you can choose a stroller according to your requirement.

Some models of bob strollers contain extra-large size canopies and this thing is best to keep your baby cool.

The remaining types of strollers come with car seat attachments and thus you can easily switch this stroller according to your need.

You should think about the stroller type before choosing any type of stroller. 

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

This stroller is considered to be the best choice for those parents who want to use this stroller for jogging purposes with their babies.

This stroller comes with air-filled tires which makes it easy to roll on irregular roads. As a parent, you can use this stroller for your baby age up to 8 weeks from birth.

You can do this with the help of an adapter with infant car seats.

This stroller is well known because of its modifiable handlebars and storage basket. This basket can be accessed from any side. This basket is elevated and thus it is dust free.

Bob Gear Alterrain Pro

You can easily fold this stroller and it is famous because of its durability, design, and moveability. It is famous among parents due to its unique rims and ergonomic handbrakes.

Due to its compact folding and removable wheel, you can store it in small places. This stroller is compatible with car seats and you are able to convert it into a travel-ready system it can support baby weight up to 75 pounds.

Bob Rambler Jogging Stroller

This is also a different type of bob stroller which is light in weight and takes a compact form on folding. Moreover, it can bear weight up to 25 pounds. Its unique frame is able to support weights up to 75 pounds.

This stroller is easy to fold and you are able to store this stroller in small spaces and fits into car vehicles.

You can lock its wheels and thus you can prevent this stroller from moving down which prevents accidental falls of the baby.

You can select a single or double or triple stroller on the basis of your little one’s needs. This stroller is also cost friendly compared to the Revolution stroller and its typical cost is about less than $90.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller

Most parents love this stroller due to its simple design. This stroller comes with 5-point attachments and front swivel wheels which are best for your baby’s protection. You can easily store and fold this stroller.

The single stroller is best for jogging and some of its models are compatible with car seats and others are not.

These strollers are not meant for infants and due to this reason, you should not become worried if they don’t use them.

Basic characteristics of BOB stroller 

  1. Folding
  2. This stroller can be folded in just one to two steps.
  3. Attachments
  4. This stroller contains a five-point harness.
  5. Canopy
  6. This stroller contains an extra-large size canopy.
  7. Tires
  8. This stroller contains all-terrain wheels.
  9. Modifiable handlebar
  10. This stroller contains a modifiable handlebar.
  11. Frame
  12. This stroller contains the latest and exposed frame.
  13. Storage basket
  14. This storage basket is large and you can easily access it.

Conclusion – How To Fold Bob Double Stroller?

How do fold bob double stroller? Bob’s single and double strollers both have the same mechanism of folding.

You are able to fold it by following the steps described in this article. Before folding this stroller, you must ensure that there is no baby essential and the car seat is removed.

You should also ensure that brakes are properly applied or not.

FAQs – How To Fold Bob Double Stroller

You can easily a bob stroller or not?

Yes, it is much easy to fold and it is designed in such a way to fold easily. You can easily fold this stroller by following our above-described steps.

Bob strollers are easy to maneuver or not?

Yes, these strollers can easily be maneuvered in fact these types of strollers are designed for such purposes. These strollers can also accommodate two children at the same time.