17 Stunning Wedding Nail Designs Ideas for Any Type of Bride

Whether you prefer a simple or elaborate wedding manicure, there’s nail art for your big day.

Your nails may seem small, but they can have a big impact on how you feel on your wedding day. After all, there are moments when your hands take center stage. Think about close-up pre-ceremony photos or when you say “I do” and slip on that wedding band. Brides already have plenty of other details to worry about, and we’ve tried to reduce stress in the beauty department by rounding up various hair and makeup looks. But nails in the right shape and color can enhance your mood and make your wedding photos even more fun to look at.

Wedding traditions often favor classic styles like an all-over coat of neutral polish, a French manicure, and soft crème colors. But if you want to go a less traditional route, there are plenty of options for you too. To save you some scrolling through #weddingnails, we asked a few of our favorite artists to share their favorite wedding day looks. Read on to get inspired.

Wedding Nail Ideas


image 86

Nail artist Lily, also known as Princess and the Polish on Instagram, chose to keep things simple and crisp with this solid, off-white color on medium-length, ballerina-shaped nails. She keeps three things in mind when it comes to wedding nails: “Elegance, fun, and making it complementary to you and your dress or wedding-day look,” Lily says.

Simply Sheer

image 87

Nail artist Ella of Els Gels says this look is popular among her clients who are getting married, as many prefer to keep things simple. “A gorgeous sheer pink and an almond shape can create a beautiful manicure,” she says. For this dreamy look, she used The GelBottle Teddy BIAB.

Glossy and Neat

image 88

London-based Mateja Novakovic created this stripped-down style, which features a hint of texture you have to look closely to see. “The nails look nude and glossy until you notice the half-moon shape on the nails, known as a lunula, is matte,” Novakovic says.

Gilded Touch

image 90

Ari Bines, a digital content creator who often does her manicures, suggests press-on nails as a low-effort option for anyone looking to do their nails at home for their wedding day. “Make sure you measure your nail size for the most accurate application,” she says, noting that accurate application makes it less likely that nails will pop off. The exact press-ons Bines used for this look are sold out, but you can still recreate the aesthetic with the Coconut Coffin set from Static Nails’ Bridal Suite and meticulously measured pieces of gold striping tape.

Soft Matte

image 89

For her own wedding, nail artist Bari Elizabeth created this look with elements of her gown in mind. “I chose this soft, matte look to complement the white lace of my dress and added the dots,” she says. She encourages brides to go for a solid color with a simple design. Elizabeth is partial to using cuticle oil on her clients. “Whenever I do a bride’s nails, I always send them with a bottle of oil for the big day, and strict instructions to apply it while they’re getting ready that morning along with hand lotion. It makes a world of difference when their photographer takes those memorable hand/ring photos.”

Pale Pink

image 91

Manicurist Stephanie Staunton doesn’t shy away from adding a little bling to her clients’ nails. For this particular look, she used “real diamonds sourced from Hatton Garden in London for some extra-special sparkle.” To add some sparkle on a budget, try crystal nail stickers. To maintain healthy nail beds for those crystal details, keep this simple trick in mind: “The best nail hack is to use cuticle oil,” says Staunton. “It covers a multitude of sins and keeps your nails nice.” For proper nail prep at home, we suggest using Naturally London’s Hydrating Cuticle Oil, a Best of Beauty-winning product, for nail nourishment and shine.

A Little Lace

image 92

“There’s a little lace detail to the nail, using alcohol ink for some depth and dimension,” says nail artist Danielle Thomas. You may want to consult your nail artist, who will be ready with the right techniques to recreate this look. “The gold leafing was added to give her a little pop.”

Deep French Manicure

image 93

Manicurist Karina Maribel likes a modern, simple French tip for her clients who are about to walk down the aisle. To recreate this look, she recommends using OPI Gel Nail Polish formulas. “They are elegant and have a range of sheer polishes to choose from.” If you don’t want a gel manicure but still want a glossy finish, coat your French manicure with the Best of Beauty-winning Olive & June Quick Dry Top Coat. It dries in just 60 seconds to create a chip-resistant, shiny finish.

Stiletto French Manicure

image 94

Nail artist Bou of Nails by Bou on Instagram also swears by the classic French manicure but with a stiletto twist. “French tips are timeless for a bride who will be looking back at her photos forever,” Bou says. The stiletto shape is a bold, extra-memorable take on the classic look.

French Twist

image 95

Krisztina van der Boom, founder of DryBy salon, says “less is more” when it comes to wedding manicures. “This year sees the return of simple, stripped-back wedding styles,” she explains. “This design is a modern twist on the traditional French, with side and reverse French lines in an asymmetrical, unexpected setting.” This is a great option for anyone seeking an understated mani that doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s. “The more casual the choice of placement of the white, the better,” van der Boom continues. “The base color can range from see-through pink to opaque nude to complement all skin tones.” She recommends this style for all brides and their bridal parties.

A Pearly French

image 96

Although Bou prefers simple designs, she loves the added glamour of these appliques. “I also find that the medium almond shape is the most flattering with this French tip and design,” she says.

Ombré French with Flowers

image 97

Sonia Sanchez spruced up a client’s nails by adding a handmade touch that only a seasoned professional could achieve. Sanchez explains that she combined the ombré design with 3D flowers made with acrylic powder. Custom appliques should probably be left to the pros—you don’t want to make a mistake on your manicure close to the big day.

Gold-Lined French Manicure

image 98

This isn’t your classic French manicure, but the details are subtle enough to feel timeless. Manicurist Amber JH used The GelBottle’s Clear Builder in a Bottle and nail polish in Cashmere for the base of the look. The gold lining makes this manicure sparkle just enough so that it’s not distracting but is still elevated. Not to mention, this sleek almond shape brings out the lining details in a gorgeous way.

Neutral Almond with Lacy Tips

image 99

Nail artist Nicole Dowling is the mastermind behind this manicure, which features creamy white swirls where a solid white tip would be. “My favorite nail style for bridal nails would be classic or alternative French style,” she says. , in a natural pink and white.”

Gilded Glamour

image 100

Allure senior editor Jesa Marie Calaor wanted her nails to be as fun as the dance floor on her big day. “My nail artist, Sonya Belakhlef, understood the vision: the funkier the splashes, squiggles, and globs of gold, the better,” Belakhlef added pearl appliques and tiny silver orbs to make the nail art stand out further.

Round and Pearly

image 101

Like a wedding dress made of Mikado, this nail look is elegant with a hint of shine. Nail artist Rakia Easter-Yahya painted LeChat Nail Lacquer in Awakening onto this bride’s nails before topping it with chrome powder. She added fine-line white swirls on two accent nails as a finishing touch.

French Chrome Nails

image 102

“My go-to styles for wedding nails are French tips or designs that use white, pearlescent chrome,” says nail artist Jenniline Hansing. She combines the two looks here for a high-shine, classic manicure.