How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2022)

How much is stroller rental at Disney world? Are you going to visit Disney with a baby, a toddler, or even a big kid and want to know about Disney stroller rental?

Walt Disney World has many things to discover, including four theme parks, mini-golf courses, waterparks, and entertainment complexes.

So, before the end of the vacation, you will explore many of the grounds. Usually, tourists walk around 15,000 steps daily, but some also walk around 35,000 steps per day or more than 17 miles at Disney World.

There is no need to say that if you are visiting Disney World with kids without a stroller for Disneyland, walking can be daunting for you.

So, if you do not want to deal with tired and cranky kids, a Disney stroller rental is a good option. You can also bring your baby stroller.

Every option has its pros and cons. So, keep reading. This article will make it easier for you to choose the right option. Here we are going to describe everything, including how much is stroller rental is at Disney World.

1. Do I Need A Baby Stroller at Disney World?

As mentioned earlier, you undeniably need to use a stroller at Disney World. Not only for the small children whose little legs tired quickly (after walking a small distance) but for the big kids too.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

While they do not need to be strolled all day, there are chances that they may want a place to sit down for some time, get some rest, get some shade, and maybe take a small nap.

At the end of the day, you may even need a stroller for yourself because of all that tiredness.

2. What Do Disney Baby Strollers Look Like?

Compared to the high-end and luxurious strollers offered by other third-party providers, Disney stroller rentals are made of hard plastic, and it is not possible to recline these strollers.

Disney stroller rentals are equipped with seatbelts and sun canopies for the shade, but these are insufficient to compete with the Florida sun.

And although they have pouches to carry a few things, they do not have any other storage compartments or cup holders. They have a Mickey Mouse theme.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

A single stroller will be sufficient for small and younger kids. It will provide them with enough space to rest and relax. But for the big kids, a double stroller is a better choice as it will be more comfortable.

Moreover, these types of strollers are not good for infants. So plan your trip accordingly.

Shortly, Disney strollers are not the most stylish and comfortable thing. However, they did well by providing some rest to the little legs.

3. What Are The Requirements Of Disney Strollers?

There are some instructions about strollers at Disney World. Guests need to follow these instructions, whether they are bringing their own or renting a stroller.

These stroller guidelines include everything, including the size and the type of strollers allowed at Disney World. Current stroller requirements include the following:

  • Stroller wagons are not allowed at Disney World.
  • Strollers larger than 31 X 52 inches (79 X 132 cm) are not permitted. Double strollers are allowed, but they must fall within this dimension range.
  • While strollers are allowed at elevators and on-ramps, they are not permitted on escalators.
  • While using the parking lot tram, kids must leave their strollers and sit with their group.
  • A cast member can move your stroller to manage high-traffic areas or for some other operational requirements.
  • You are not allowed to leave your belongings in an unattended jogging stroller.

4. Where To Get A Baby Stroller At Disney World?

You can bring a stroller with you. But sometimes, traveling with a stroller on a plane and bringing it with you in a car can be annoying, especially when you are going on a vacation to spend some quality time with your family.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?


Therefore, you can avail of the option of Disney stroller rental. Disney offers rental strollers at each of its theme parks and Disney Springs. You can get one from there.

You can also book one through a third-party company. However, every option has its good and bad points.

4.1. Disney Stroller Rental

One of the best features of Disney stroller rental is that you can pick up the stroller when you enter the park and drop it off when you leave. Then, to claim your stroller each morning, you just need to show the receipt to a cast member.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

Remember that you always need to return the stroller before leaving the theme park. So, no matter if your baby is sleeping in the stroller, you must wake him up and drop off the stroller at the park.

You cannot just push your stroller back to your room.

4.1.1. How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World Theme Parks Or Disney Springs?

At this time, the stroller rental prices at Walt Disney World are 15$ per day or 31$ per day for a single and double stroller, respectively.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

Single strollers are for babies about 50 pounds or less, and double strollers are for babies about 100 pounds or less.

If you are going there for more days and want to rent a stroller for the entire stay, you can get a multi-day discount.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

For this, you need to pay in advance for all the days. And the price will reduce from 15$ to 13$ per day for a single stroller and from 31$ to 27$ per day for a double stroller.

4.1.2. Stroller Rental at Walt Disney World Locations

Animal Kingdom

It is situated at the entrance of the park at Garden Gate Gifts. By showing your single or multiple-day stroller rental receipt, you can get replacement strollers in Mombasa Marketplace.

Magic Kingdom

This shop is present near the main entrance of Disney World. By showing your single or length of stay stroller receipt, you can pick replacement strollers in Fantasyland at Tinker Bell’s Treasure, Frontierland at the Frontier Trading Post, and Tomorrowland at Tomorrowland Arcade.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

These stroller rentals are located inside the main entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Oscar’s Super Service. By using your single-day or length-of-stay stroller receipt, you can pick replacement strollers at Tatooine Traders.


This stroller rental shop is present near the Spaceship Earth, inside the International Gateway Entrance of Epcot. You can get the replacement strollers at Glas and Porzellan in Germany with your single or multiple-day receipt.

4.1.3. What We Like About It

  • They are available at daily affordable rates and onsite without needing a reservation.

4.1.4. What We Don’t Like About It

  • They are made from hard plastic and cannot recline.
  • They are not safe for newborn babies.

4.2. Third-Party Companies

There is no doubt that Disney World offers its rental strollers. But despite that, most of the guests move towards third-party companies to rent a baby stroller.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

It requires pre-planning to get a stroller from these companies. However, they offer extremely convenient perks compared to Disney rental strollers.

4.2.1. Perks Of Third-Party Companies

  • You can take your stroller anywhere (including parks other than Disney World) by renting it from a third-party company.
  • The strollers offered by third-party companies are more comfortable compared to Disney strollers. They are mostly from the popular, high-end brands that you are already familiar with. You can easily maneuver them through overfilled areas. Moreover, you can get them at almost the same price.
  • The rental strollers’ prices vary a little between different companies, but most provide free delivery. It makes them an excellent choice for guests staying at Disney World Hotels, Good Neighbor Hotels, and other off-property hotels. For receiving strollers from these companies, you need to be present there at the time of delivery. The only exception is in the case of rentals through the Scooter bug; it has permission from Disney World to drop off the strollers even in your absence.

4.2.2. Third-Party Companies Options

Here are some stroller rental options other than Disney World in Orlando that may work well for you during your trip.

  1. Amusement Park Rentals
  2. Simple Stroller Rental
  3. Kingdom Strollers
  4. Magic Strollers
  5. Orlando Strollers
  6. Apple Strollers
  7. Baby Wheels Orlando
  8. A Baby’s Best Friend

4.2.3. What We Like About It

  • They offer convenient delivery and pick up.
  • Strollers are from well-known brands and offer comfortable reclining seats for kids.

4.2.4. What We Don’t Like About It

  • To get these strollers, you need pre-booking.
  • Depending upon the type of stroller and length of your stay, these strollers can be more expensive than Disney strollers.

4.3. Bring Your Stroller

If you think your kid will not be comfortable in an unknown stroller or you do not want to rent a stroller, you can bring your own.

How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World?

Traveling with a stroller is indeed a little bit problematic, but there are many upsides to having your own stroller with you.

Your child will be calmer and happier in his/her stroller throughout the day. Unlike Disney strollers, you can take it anywhere to explore remaining Central Florida.

The cherry on top, you will save some money that, otherwise, you will pay for stroller rent.

4.3.1. What We Like About It

  • Your own stroller will be more comfortable for the baby.
  • You can recognize it easily in the parking area.
  • You do not need to pay a rental cost.

4.3.2. What We Don’t Like About It

  • Transportation of the stroller is a hassle.

5. Helpful Tips For Using Strollers At Disney World

Some useful tips are given below to make your Disney tour magical:

  • Hold your Disney stroller receipt tightly if you want a hassle-free replacement of the stroller. During the day, you can simply show your receipt for a new stroller whenever you lose track of the stroller.
  • If you decide that you need a stroller for the entire duration of your stay and you do not want to return it before leaving Disney World, think about purchasing a stroller instead of renting it. Many shops throughout the resort sell strollers. You can get the perfect and comfortable one for your little one.
  • To keep track of your stroller, decorate it. In this way, it will be safe, and you will spend less time searching for your stroller. You can tie a colorful Disney balloon to your stroller. It will be fun for the kids, and you can easily find it in the parking area.
  • Only park your stroller in designated parking areas. Otherwise, you may be forced to track it down.
  • Remember that a cast member can move your stroller to manage traffic and for some other operational needs. So, don’t freak out if you do not find your stroller at the exact location where you leave it.
  • Always move with traffic flow, and be patient and careful of others’ ankles.
  • Do not leave your valuable things in an unattended stroller.

6. Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Is Stroller Rental At Disney World

6.1. Why Stroller Wagons Not Allowed At Disney World?

Stroller wagons were not always banned at Disney land. However, this rule has been imposed for a while now.

Following the statement of May 2019, Disney World has taken some serious actions against stroller wagons. They claim that banning stroller wagons helps keep the crowds moving safely and easily.

6.2. What Age Is Too Big For A Baby Stroller At Disney World?

Generally, every parent knows when their kid outgrows the stroller of everyday use. However, Disney World trips are a different thing.

You have to walk a lot there, compared to going with your kid to a local theme park.

Therefore, be prepared and reserved a stroller for your little one.

6.3. Should I Need To Bring A Stroller To Disney World?

We recommend that parents visiting Disney World with kids bring their baby’s stroller with them if it is feasible to travel with a stroller.

We know the hassle of flying with a baby stroller, but it is worth it.

6.4. Are Strollers Rentals Available At Disney World?

Outside the theme parks, Disney stroller rentals are available. They are located to the east of the Disneyland Park Main Entrance.

6.5. Should I Need A Stroller For My 8-Year-Old Kid At Disney World?

Many people think that their 6, 7-, 8-, 9-, or 10-years old kids need strollers at Disney World. Therefore, they waste their time and money on stroller rentals. In reality, if your kid is healthy, then there is no need for a stroller, even at the age of 4 years.

However, if you think your kid gets tired easily and his little legs need rest from time to time, you can get one for him.

6.6. What Is The New Stroller Policy Of Disney Land?

According to the new policy, strollers larger than 31 X 52 inches and stroller wagons are not allowed in Disney World. Other strollers are allowed in most parts of Disney World, but they must be folded on Disney buses and trams.

6.7. How Do You Prepay For A Baby Stroller At Walt Disney World?

According to your duration of stay, prepay for the stroller and save some money. Buy a rental ticket for your length of stay days for less per day charges. Then while visiting the park, just show your ticket and get your stroller.

7. Final Words

How much is a stroller rental at Disney World? Whether you use Disney stroller rental, get a stroller from third-party companies, or bring your stroller, it is your personal preference.

While Disney strollers do not need a reservation, third-party companies offer strollers of well-known brands. So, you can get a stroller similar to the one you use at home.